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Our Mission

Glamour Me is a lavish bridal and beauty lounge, unexpectedly bringing the soul of Manhattan to the heart of Audubon, New Jersey. Each client can trust her glam stylist to create a stunning look that is distinctly her own. The Glamour Me Experience will leave every woman feeling exceptional, radiant, and, most of all, glamorous.

The Glamour Me Experience

When you step into our lounge, you walk into a world of glamour and luxury. You deserve to be here, to feel important and to look fabulous. The lush textures and sparkling champagne will make you feel like world is catering to your need for a girl's day of pampering. This is not your average hair salon. This is the Glamour Me Experience. And you are a Glam Girl. #glamourmebridal #glamourmelounge #glamgirllounge

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